Spec Tennis is Social

Spec Tennis is great for mixing different ages, genders, and abilities. It can be played anywhere and is a very enjoyable social experience.

With Friends & Family

Play with the ones you enjoy being around, not just those who are at your same level. Spec Paddles have more control & less power than tennis racquets which means more playing & less chasing the ball. Spec Tennis is a sport where others are willing to teach you or play with you. It's a warm & welcoming pay-it-forward concept.


First Timers

Without taking private lessons or committing to hitting 1000s of balls, you can reach a 'rallying' level fairly quickly. Even if you're never played sports before Spec Tennis is very do-able.


Great Workout

Spec Tennis is a great workout in a short amount of the time while competing against others. 45 minutes of Spec Tennis feels like 90 minutes of regular tennis. Plus, the higher the playing level, the better the workout.


On The Go

Take Spec Tennis with you anywhere. It can be played on any hard surface. Even without a net, you'll still have fun. Take it with you to any pickleball court, tennis court, basketball court, or driveway.


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