How To Play Spec Tennis

In Spec Tennis, the rules & scoring system are simple. It can be played as singles (1 vs. 1) or doubles (2 vs. 2) on a pickleball court (44 ft. x 20 ft) or the service boxes on a tennis court (42 ft x 27 ft).
A point begins with an underhand serve, and the pickleball ‘no-volley zone’ is not observed, allowing players freedom to play (and volley) from all areas of the court.
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Serving + Scoring

Check out this video to get clarity on serving & scoring in Spec Tennis

The Spec Tennis Court

Click on the different hot spots to learn the different sections of the court.

Court Size

44 ft x 20 ft
4 Spec Tennis courts fit on 1 tennis court

Net Height

34” in the center, 36” on the sides

Service Marks

The service marks are 4ft behind the corners of the court.

Where to Serve From

The server must have 1 foot on the service mark when serving.

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