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What Is The Best Paddle For Spec Tennis?

You’re ready to start playing Spec Tennis and you’re wondering, what is the best paddle for Spec Tennis?

Currently there are only two approved paddles for Spec Tennis. The good news? You don’t have to do much research. The bad news? There is none, as players enjoy using both paddles almost equally.

The two paddles are the S1 Lite & The Explorer, and both are made by Spade Sports.

Now some things to consider when deciding which one you want to play with:


The S1 Lite costs $97 and the Explorer costs $77. There is a “Family Pack” available which includes 2 of each paddle for $297.

The 2 Approved Paddles for Spec Tennis


The S1 Lite is a bit more durable as it has a graphite rim around the head. That’s not to say that the Explorer isn’t durable also, because it is, but the difference is that it has an adhesive head tape at the top of the head to protect against those shots that result in your paddle hitting the ground.
Now if you treat The Explorer with care it should last you a long time.

How Much Do They Weigh

The Explorer weighs 10.1 ounces and the S1 Lite weighs 10.4 ounces, so not much difference there.
Now some of you might think 10.4 ounces, that heavier than my tennis racquet! And that could be true.
But I tell people all the time ( and have witnessed it firsthand) that the weight of the paddle is a great benefit because it forces players to use good biomechanics like turning their shoulders, using their legs, and hitting through the ball, if they want to generate power on their shots.

Grip Sizes & Head Sizes

The S1 Lite has a 4 1/4” grip size and The Explorer has a 4 1/8” grip size.
This is something to consider, and especially for junior players, I recommend the Explorer paddle since it has that smaller grip.
The length of the handle is also longer on the Explorer, so you are able to fit both hands on the grip (unless you have hands like the Hulk!).
I still hit a 2-handed backhand using the S1 Lite though, so the handle length wouldn’t have a bearing on which paddle I chose.

Moving on to head sizes, the Explorer has a slightly larger head size than the S1 Lite. This means it can be slightly more forgiving if you don’t strike the ball on the sweet spot.
A smaller head size means a crisper hit though, and so if you’re a more advanced player I recommend the S1 Lite.

What About Balls?

All paddle orders include Spec Tennis balls (which are orange dot low compression balls) so when you receive your paddle in the mail you can immediately head to the courts and start playing.

The Verdict

I enjoy playing with both paddles and so I can’t pick a favorite, I’m sorry! Hopefully some of these comparisons helped you decide, but if not then just go with which one has the best graphics (Or maybe order 1 of each).

If you’re ready to make your choice, click HERE

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