How to set up a Spec Court on a tennis court:

Here are the items you will need:

1) Blue painters tape (1 roll per court)

2) QuickStart 18 ft Net (commonly used for 10-and-under tennis).

A portable pickleball net (20ft) will also work.

OnCourt Offcourt makes a good Quickstart net.

3) Tape Measure

Determine total distance from the existing tennis net to the back fence.

The Spec Tennis court is 44ft long.

Let's say for example, that the total distance is 54ft (10ft longer than needed). Split that difference.

This means that you will start your baseline 5 ft out from the tennis net (so that there is an equal 5ft behind each baseline).

Put down a small piece of tape, where the court will start.

From your starting mark, measure 44 ft towards the fence, and apply tape.

Step 3:
Measure 20ft across, and tape it (to make up the width of the court).

You should now have 2 perpendicular tape lines.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3. The end result should be a rectangular 44ft long by 20ft wide.

Find middle of the baseline by measuring in 10 ft. Make a tape mark.

Using the tape mark as a reference point, tape from baseline to baseline. This tape line is the center line.

STEP 6: Find the middle point of the sideline (22ft) and place a tape mark.

This is where the Quickstart net will be placed.