• By becoming a Spec Tennis ambassador, you join a spec-tacular group of select individuals who are passionate about growing the sport of Spec Tennis.
  • This position is not to be taken lightly, as you have a unique opportunity to improve the lives of those in your community by sharing this exciting sport. With Spec Tennis still in its infancy, you can single-handedly make a huge impact on the growth and future direction of the sport.
  • This position is NOT for everyone, as it can be challenging to start something from scratch, but the feeling of accomplishment & fulfillment you get when you are successful is hard to match. If this sounds like you, Click the button below to Apply!

Ambassadors Receive:

  • 4 Demo Paddles + Balls (Demo paddles may be slightly used)
  • Wholesale pricing on additional paddles
  • Resources & support from Spec Tennis National & Opportunity to earn commissions & earn ‘rewards points’


  • Host a recurring weekly ‘meet-up’ that provides the opportunity for new player introduction & keeps engagement up for current players.
  • Be a local point of contact for prospective players in your area.
  • Document your journey of growing Spec Tennis through consistent photos & videos.
  • Have fun!


  • Cost $199 Please fill out the application below.

Application to be an Ambassador

    • Fit 4X more players on each tennis court.
    • Smaller learning curve attracts new players.
    • Higher player retention since players have success more often.
    • Stand out from other pros & programs by using the new hybrid player development model.

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    • Get higher % of membership using the courts.
    • Generate higher lesson revenues than with other alt. racquet sports.
    • No facility modifications are needed to play.
    • Run the most popular club events.
    • Host tournaments & leagues.

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    La Jolla, CA

    Kingwood, TX

    Clermont, FL