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Former USC Tennis Coach, Peter Smith:

Former Twitter COO Adam Bain:

Dave Fish

Former Harvard Tennis Coach

(Newton, MA)

“I like all aspects of Spec Tennis, and think that tennis needs something like this especially at the entry level. I haven’t liked how the ROGY (Red, Orange, Green, Yellow) pathway has played out—because the racquets are too lively and kids just poke at the ball. With Spec Tennis, you use a paddle which teaches kids to hit through the ball, and you use the pickleball court, so real estate has already been created and is growing exponentially.”

Dan Regan

Director of Racquets, Brookhollow

(Dallas, TX)

“I use Spec Tennis a lot with my juniors, because making them learn to keep the ball under control in a confined space like a pickleball court, I believe that’s the way forward in junior development of tennis.”

Styrling Strother

Creator, Art of Winning Tennis

(Apex, NC)

Spec Tennis gives me the ability to feel how spin and speed combines to create the type of shot that I’m looking to create back into the court. My players who play Spec Tennis learn to control the ball better and they become more aware of how to play the ball to win the point, instead of just concentrating on how they are hitting the ball. I would recommend any tennis player looking to improve their strategic abilities on the tennis court to play Spec Tennis.

Nancy Bulkley

Founder of Six Weeks to Compete

(Portsmouth, NH)

“I am a tennis teaching pro, and also a high school & college coach. I use Spec Tennis in every one of my programs.”

Jeff Vaage

High School Tennis Coach

(Des Moines, IA)

“Spec Tennis gives us a chance to keep all of our players active, especially for those who are just starting tennis, they can have success a lot faster using Spec Tennis and then we can transition them to the full court tennis court game as they grow and develop.”

Tony Vigil

USTA 4.5 Tennis Player

(Sebastopol, CA)

I was down at tennis sectionals in Carmel and each day before our matches we warmed up with Spec Tennis. I played the best tennis I’d played in years.

Black Butte Ranch, OR

Santa Rosa, CA

Kailua-Kona, HI