Hey busy momma! You likely struggle being present for the family and prioritizing "ME" time"
The good news is with SpecTennis you can spend more time outside, with the kids (or the girls!) while getting your daily dose of activity AND it can be fun

In just 5 minutes, you can learn how SpecTennis can change your day-to-day life


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    What if you could have your cake 🎂 ... and eat it too? 😲

    OR... work out with your kids and lose weight at the same time? It's all about multitasking... AM I RIGHT?

    Not only can you spend more quality time with your kids but you'd also be teaching them the lifelong skill of staying healthy and being active.

    In fact, that's where I come in...

    My name is Nate,
    and I've spent years teaching moms how to stay physically fit and feel better than they felt in their 20's .

    Several years ago I developed a sport called SpecTennis as a way for people to get involved in a social and healthy activity that doesn't require a lot of time or financial investment in order to reach a level where they enjoy playing! I spent so much time watching moms on the sidelines shuffling their kids to this and that and feeling like they had no time to invest in themselves. I wanted to give them the freedom to have fun, get fit and add more play back into their lives.

    Enter your information for instant access to the 5 minute video!

      SpecTennis uses short paddles and soft tennis balls. Due to the user-friendly design of the equipment, most players are able to rally the ball back and forth on Day 1...even kids! It can be played on any hard surface, including your driveway so you can easily step outside the house and instantly be laughing, smiling, and competing with the people you love.

      I get videos all of the time of couples and even families with small kids playing together and having a blast!

      I've given countless hours of tennis lessons over the years, but over time I realized just how rare it is for women to have the kind of time and money in their busy mid-life years (the years of full-throttle work, kids, and family life) to get good enough to really enjoy it. SpecTennis became a way for them to have fun, escape the everyday monotony and get exercise in a fun and social way!

      Enter your information for instant access to the 5 minute video!

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