• New to Tennis
  • Current Tennis Players
  • Be able to rally in as little as 1 day.
  • Learn everything that's needed to be a successful tennis player, but in a more favorable environment.
  • Hybrid model takes you to your goals faster than a traditional tennis-only model.
  • Kids stay more engaged & focused than in tennis because the success rate is higher.
  • They have the most fun since they are able to play real games against their peers early on.
  • Developing control & good biomechanics happens naturally due to paddle weight & power level.
  • Kids don't have a negative opinion of it like they do with 'kids tennis pathways.
  • Practice at home even with minimal space.
  • Training patterns & tactics on a smaller court improves precision & tactical awareness.
  • Get comfortable playing from all areas of the court , not just the baseline.
  • Improve footwork, fitness, reaction time.
  • Practice new skills that are too hard to execute in tennis.
  • Tennis players who start thinking it might be time to switch to pickleball because of the smaller court, find solace in Spec Tennis. It feels like tennis but the rallies are longer.
  • Revisit Singles. Stop having to play awkward 2 on 1’s when only 3 players show up for doubles.

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