Curriculum samples:

Drop-In Drop-Out






Why add Spec to your curriculum?

It's more athletic and challenging than pickleball, but easier than regular tennis.

Your students will be able to rally back and forth pretty early on.

Reasons to consider it:

1) It builds a good foundation for regular tennis.

You might have players learn it in middle school and then go on to join their high school tennis team. Pickleball skills don't translate as well to regular tennis.

2) More skills can be taught than in pickleball.

There are more types of shots you can hit and more possible strategies to employ.

3) More exercise.

In pickleball, except at the highest levels, there is a lot of standing around. There is an area in pickleball called 'the kitchen" which players can't step into unless the ball bounces. This restricts a lot of athletic movement.

4) More fun for kids than tennis is.

If kids enjoy it, they will try harder in P.E. class, and become better athletes.

Please contact SpecTennis@yahoo.com to get started at your school.